DFPTutorial.com opens its doors

It all started when I switched from my OpenX Ad Server to DFP Small Business due to performance issues early 2010. It took me about 3 month to figure out the basics and wrap my head around everything so that I could start running it on my websites. It took even longer to discover some very useful tricks that are a little more advanced and probably not interesting for everyone like working with patterns.

What I was always looking for, especially as a beginner, was a comprehensive but short and easy to understand tutorial that would explain everything I needed to know to start using DFP. There wasn’t any so in October 2010 I started to write my own tutorial to spare people the long learning curve I had to take. I published my first version on my Forum for Advanced AdSense Publishers AdSenseExperts.com.

It did not took long for my tutorial to become very popular. But a forum is not the best solution for presenting a tutorial because chapters are interrupted by longer parts of discussions and that was the the birth idea of DFPTutorial.com – The DFP Small Business Tutorial. I took it even further and made a lot of screenshots to make understanding DFP even more easy for you.

So if you found this tutorial I hope it will help you and if it doesn’t, then feel free to contact me and ask your question. If you have additional ideas then leave a comment.

Enjoy DFPTutorial.com – The easy way of understanding DFP Small Business

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