Google introduced a new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag

Five days ago (25th Oktober 2011) Google introduced the new Google Publisher Tag for DFP Small Business. The new Google Publisher Tags have a number of new benefits and improvements over the existing Google Ad Manager Tags.There are multiple benefits of using these new tags like Faster page loads due to an asynchronous JavaScript fetch or the Single request mode where only one request to the ad server is made to notifying the server of all ad units on the page which enables advanced roadblocking and improves page load time.

Find out more about the DFP Publisher Tag here: DFP goes asynchronous with its new Google Publisher Tag. Time to switch

I also updated my DFP Setup Tutorial to use the new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag.

And last but not least I wrote a new Tutorial for how to use the build in AdSense Option for DFP if you use the new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag.

Enjoy 🙂

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