Google introduced a new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag

Five days ago (25th Oktober 2011) Google introduced the new Google Publisher Tag for DFP Small Business. The new Google Publisher Tags have a number of new benefits and improvements over the existing Google Ad Manager Tags.There are multiple benefits of using these new tags like Faster page loads due to an asynchronous JavaScript fetch or the Single request mode where only one request to the ad server is made to notifying the server of all ad units on the page which enables advanced roadblocking and improves page load time.

Find out more about the DFP Publisher Tag here: DFP goes asynchronous with its new Google Publisher Tag. Time to switch

I also updated my DFP Setup Tutorial to use the new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag.

And last but not least I wrote a new Tutorial for how to use the build in AdSense Option for DFP if you use the new asynchronous DFP Publisher Tag.

Enjoy 🙂

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How to roadblock creatives


This is another new chapter of my DFP Tutorial. This time I wrote about how to create a roadblock, a site takeover or a Wallpaper Ad using DFP Small Business.

The term roadblocking comes from television, where media buyers sometimes placed commercials in all major television networks in the same period of time. No matter which television channel an audience member tunes in at that time, they have the opportunity to watch the commercial. This term extended to the online world where a media planner can buy all the advertising on a Web site for a 24-hour period or longer. This approach is called a site takeover.

Another scenario would be that your advertiser wants to serve a set of creatives to a user all at once on the same page e.g. displaying a Wallpaper Ad which consists of a leaderboard banner (728x90px) and a skyscraper

Especially the Wallpaper Ad is a very interesting Ad Format and normally pays in the two digit CPM figures.


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It all started when I switched from my OpenX Ad Server to DFP Small Business due to performance issues early 2010. It took me about 3 month to figure out the basics and wrap my head around everything so that I could start running it on my websites. It took even longer to discover some very useful tricks that are a little more advanced and probably not interesting for everyone like working with patterns.

What I was always looking for, especially as a beginner, was a comprehensive but short and easy to understand tutorial that would explain everything I needed to know to start using DFP. There wasn’t any so in October 2010 I started to write my own tutorial to spare people the long learning curve I had to take. I published my first version on my Forum for Advanced AdSense Publishers

It did not took long for my tutorial to become very popular. But a forum is not the best solution for presenting a tutorial because chapters are interrupted by longer parts of discussions and that was the the birth idea of – The DFP Small Business Tutorial. I took it even further and made a lot of screenshots to make understanding DFP even more easy for you.

So if you found this tutorial I hope it will help you and if it doesn’t, then feel free to contact me and ask your question. If you have additional ideas then leave a comment.

Enjoy – The easy way of understanding DFP Small Business

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